Standing at the Crossroads and Staring Your Destiny in the Eye

Politics is the Reason I Joined Clan Boromar in the First Place…

Dear Journal Reader,

Being ideological and having strong convictions can often lead to the demise of those who possess such worthwhile and righteous indignation. History be wrought with martyr’s blood laddie. Good men and women have gambled and lost for the belief that they could actually make a difference.

And yet, here we are… at a crossroads.

There’s one thing you must understand Journal Reader, you see, sometimes the choice is not ours to make. The bare fact is, a calling is NEVER a choice. It just simply is.

Until recently, me decisions were based on what was good for Gíron. It seems that since I’ve met me new fellow travelers/adventurers/friends/clan/family, the weight and burdens of taking care of meself have become a weightless, even uplifting source of energy caring for these misfits. This is why to me, Gíron the Giant Slayer, son of Groín the Orc Killer and World-renowned Short Order Cook, it seems that we handful of adventurers have been called to save the world known as Khorvaire.

This, is me destiny.

Beings like those I’ve befriended, along with weapons like BloodLetter coming into our possession don’t just happen. No, they are forged by the Gods and scribed along the deepest Dwarven cavern prophecies. Or, perhaps even shown to us in the brightest, most beautiful of night skies.

A Multi-Dimensional Elf Brother, and a Hero’s Hope

As we wrapped up business in Sharn, Davin and meself came up with a plan, start a new Adventurers Guild – for one, there can be great wealth in it! Or so I thought this was the reason…

So, there I was, planning to use me strong arm tactics – those I’ve used so many times in the past while working for Mr. Hoffa (in addition to utilizing the monies me friends entrusted me to hold for them to sweeten the deal) to acquire a space large enough to house the new guild… It was almost immediately apparent that this elf named Argon the Copper, the establishment owner, was there for a reason – and that reason included not to be toyed with I might add – as Davin and meself spoke to him, it was as if a light illuminated all three of us as we formulated a true, righteous reason for an adventurer’s guild.

Davin spoke of the many Warforged and Shifters facing unjust persecution in our lands for no other reason but existing; The Forged, created for a singular purpose, and Shifters, poor souls who’ve lost their land when Cyre became the Land of Mourn… In a flash… Oh me poor little mother… I digress, so, why not create a guild that would include these folk and along with many others that would work towards the greater goal of unifying the many factions of Sharn, even if unbeknownst to its corrupted leaders at first (until the good was bigger than they could control).

This we can do! This and much much more Journal Reader.

Argon showed me what he was when I held me hand out for a high five and he touched it to great affect – we witnessed a multi-dimensional shift that shook me to me core. It was then that all of this came to be for me… That this was not just about Gíron, this is about what I, Gíron, will do!

Argon the Copper not only offered to create adequate plans of the guild’s operations, but he refused the monies I offered for the down payment. I was so excited from the experience Dear Journal Reader, that I almost forgot to redistribute the funds to me dearest friends! You can imagine the embarrassment…

This new adventurer’s guild, one that would eventually unite all of Sharn and then, somehow, right Cyre for the Shifters and all of Khorvaire – this guild will be – Hero’s Hope.

Heroes Hope to the Land of Xendrick, and a pesky Inquisitor…

Now, we spend the days preparing to travel on our paths together to the land of Xendrick. Argon has graciously offered one of his airships to take us there (I plan on chaining me Dwarf bottom to the boat!). The need to find who and what is behind the shapey shifty things (and Davin’s dear friend’s murder) now has a new sense of urgency since we found a changeling who most-likely killed a priest in Davin’s order, and has been masquerading as this priest ever since (not to mention that the Baron Von Graub has something to do with this mess!)

The way in which we caught him was genius – and it tasted quite excellent as well! A pork feast and the finest Elven wine at the haughty “Scent of 1000 Candles”, which was served by the stiffest human waiter I ever met, but, prepared by the most brilliant of Dwarven chefs, Chef Ced… A fine individual in his own right (I plan on getting to know him better, he should know that I am not the boorish slob I played meself to be that night, well, only a little… and perhaps he’s heard of me father, Groín, the world-renowned short order cook!).

Oh yes laddie, I spent a pretty penny eating with Davin to setup the sting operation on the impostor, and it’s good to know that the Silver Flame will pay me back in due time… No worry there.

By the way, as the Hippie Elvar, the wee Hobbit Henna Fenna, the forge thing.. Gyre, Davin the new age hippie, and meself made a citizen’s arrest on this impostor, we ran into a rather perplexing individual, a Vincent D’mane if I’m not mistaken? He seemed to speak quite highly of himself and really couldn’t exaggerate about his questionable accomplishments enough.

On one hand, his self aggrandizement makes me want to puke. On the other, he seems to be a very capable inquisitor (not to mention, Mr. Hoffa has run into this Vintnent Dermays a few times in the past – it wasn’t so pleasant he says), so, I plan on positioning meself in a way that I can best use this self-loving human to me advantage.

So Journal Reader, Gíron the Giant Slayer’s, next journal entry will most-likely be one that defines us travelers as a formidable force in our world.

High hopes? No, a Heros’ Hope.

Good night Dear Journal Reader,

The Giant Slayer, son of Groín the Orc Killer and World-renowned Short Order Cook

Standing at the Crossroads and Staring Your Destiny in the Eye

Eberron 5th edition Giron