Training Has Begun and Renowned I've Become

One Might Say, Tidying Up at the Office…

Dear Journal Reader,

A little over a month has passed since our return from the Mournlands. Let me just say, that not one single night has been a reprieve from the towerspit I witnessed there.

Having said that, for me, this was no time to rest… I get a sense of restless urgency deep within me bones. It’s as if there is a greater purpose in store that I must prepare for… And by the Host I’ll be ready when it comes.

I have only seen me fellow travelers for moments at a time over the past weeks, mostly to share in drink and happenings while apart. For me, I took this time to attune myself with me new Battle Axe, BloodLetter. She has been silvered and her grip, leathered, by the good hand of the smith that Davin was able to help start up his fine craft once again. I for one, have only seen this level of craftsmanship in Dwarven lands. I am truly impressed and happy with his results!

BloodLetter is of magic. I know she lives and has come to me through some sort of destiny. One day, I hope she’ll share her secrets with me. Till then, I’ll prove to her that my swing is powerful and true. I do know this, that I have never swung an axe more deliberately than I do she.

Training in Clan Boromar…

I have decided that I, Gíron, must take the next necessary steps in me evolution – training in the art of Assassination – is that mark.

Don’t get me wrong dear Journal Reader, this is not about making a living as a hired killer preying upon his victims as a coward in the darkness… For I am a DWARF! Battle calls me… Me heritage and honor calls me… Me father, Groín the Orc Slayer, and the murder of my sweet mother and siblings call upon me to one day restore our family’s honor. By this, I must… I WILL learn every pathway to a victorious outcome.

Yet, everyday I awaken to train. I spar and fight, get bloodied, and certainly make others bleed in return. Everyday is a prelude to me evening’s fights in dream time. You see, in training, I’ve split a wagon with one strike of me mistress, BloodLetter… And in sleep I’ve chopped mountains down with edge of me hands in seemingly never ending blood lusts, and nightmarish Mournland battles, only to be awakened by the next day’s brutal trainings.

Already, me abilities are finding their mark with heightened accuracy thanks to Mr. Hoffa’s gracious time and resources – even his initiative and willingness – to see me excel. So, to Mr. Hoffa, I say; “Twice tak me friend! Your investment is as good as gold with me!”

One thing I have noticed during this time dear Journal Reader, is that me colleagues in the Boromar Clan look at me just a bit different these days… But I don’t feel I’ve changed…. much.

In closing…

Speaking of changes, big changes are ahead. And with these changes, will be met with proper intellect and force when needed. We’ll be ready. Ready to make a friend and ally, or, end a foe.

Speaking of friends, I hear me wee hobbit friend Henna Fenna Bo’Benna has made a tidbit goblin friend… Well, at least it’s not a cat. Ha!

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Training Has Begun and Renowned I've Become

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