Eberron 5th edition

Return to Sharn


Things to expect
*Time to relax and further personal goals
*Getting to know Lyth Stormtalon the Half-Dragon
*A meeting with Jorlanna D"Cannith about the box

Example Log
Training Has Begun and Renowned I’ve Become
Next Log

Things to ponder…
*How can you help the community of shifters in New Cyre…
*How will the church react when you speak to them of Stalwart Sigil’s defense of the shifters?
*What will happen with Trystan’s Wolf’s Bane weapon smith?
*Will you look into the Adventurer’s Guild quest into Xendrick?
*Will Jarlanna D’Cannith contact you again?
*Still not getting a lot of logs…


“Aye, all of the above; If there are riches in helping the poor shifters of New Cyre, I’m in! If there are problems with the church and helping others, we’ll talk… If anything happens to the lad who silvered my “BloodLetter” then they’ll deal with GĂ­ron… Xendrick? Adventure! …I’d like to meet this Lady D’Cannith. Hopefully so, laddie. Hopefully so indeed…"

Return to Sharn

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