Eberron 5th edition

The Mournland: Hunters? or Hunted?


Things that happened

  • An arduous journey through a dead country…
  • A treacherous crawl through dead creation forge
  • A Rescued Half-Dragon woman… What role will she play?
  • Jarkul Silverfang and Sabre the luetenant of The Lord of Blades has a showdown with the party.
  • The box was recovered.

Example Log
To Recover a Box in the Land of Mourn
From the journal of Elvar Entry 2
The Journal of a Wee Hobbit, A Venture into the Mournland
Meeting with Grandfather Clock
Next Log

Things to ponder…
What will happen now that the box is in your hands….


“With a deep reverence I’ve set meself to making a true difference there in the land of Mourn. Should there be a way, I hope to find it. For me father, GroĆ­n, and me mother and young brothers. It isn’t vengeance I seek, but, a way to reverse these dead lands to their once great beauty.”

The Mournland: Hunters? or Hunted?

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