[[For Wind and Thunder She is Cursed]]

Dear Journal Reader,

With a broken heart and shattered dreams, I speak to you tonight. For wind and thunder, She’s cursed – and the answer is not an easy one. See, I can’t let her go…

Gi_ron_Leaping_sml.jpgNow, BloodLetter means nothing more to me than the death of a loved one, and also, absolutely everything else. So, the fight (and especially Hero’s Hope) is over for Gíron – especially since I can go beserk and attempt killing my friends at any engagement… how could I go at it again?

Unless I go it alone, I won’t, I cannot continue. Traveling alone doesn’t bode very well in the wilderness Journal Reader, especially against these god-like villains we face. However, if I, Gíron son of Groín the Orc Slayer, ever have another chance at the ’Forged Pirate, I WILL kill him, or, die trying.

By Host, I still don’t quite understand how a flotilla could work in complete unison to dispatch three monstrous birds and yet, allow a flag waiving pirate ship to freely examine and then fire upon one of their own without a single response. I ask meself, how many times I have thrown down the gauntlet to stand for those I travel with… Aye, this is a cowardly world at times, wrought with spineless, towerspit, jelly fish posing as warriors…

They’ll know Gíron’s disdain from this day forth.

The irony, even humor of it all… but, probably more tragic than anything else, is that a beautiful half elf, named Star, gave me her veil as I parted from Sharn on me expedition to Hen’rik – at the same time, I also came to a battle ram that is named "Stine"… RamStine that is, me goat. Yes, one would think that with Hero’s Hope, me new misfit family clan, Star, and me goat/pet/steed, all these wonderful things, Gíron would be sitting on top of Khorvaire!

No. It simply isn’t to be.

…you see Journal Reader, She’s cursed… thus, so am I.

[[For Wind and Thunder She is Cursed]]

Eberron 5th edition Giron