A performance of Elvar

The nerves that had crippled him when he was younger nothing but a memory now though he couldn’t help but think about the past whenever he took the stage. He tapped his fingers in rhythm to help him remember the cues he created. Tonight was a big night for him as it would be the fist time he told their story of their defeat of one of barons wives.

Elvar prestidigitationed a spotlight as he strutted on to the stage. He grinned seeing the crowd many members of the small town had come of to hear of the explorers tales. He gave Henna the cure to stir up a small amount of fog. “Good evening everyone! I know you have heard samples of the Heroes hands adventurers but I can not keep you lovely people in the dark any longer.” He felt a chill go up his spine as he paused remembering the cold dead look in the barons eyes. “As you probably know the group of heroes found the temple they had been searching for, but to their dismay it was crawling with Baron von GROß’s undead army! The party snuck about to the best of their ability, but the Baron still manage to spot them. The group faced him with no fear. Von GROß saw them as nothing more than a nuisance and sent his wife to dispose of the intruders.” As he spoke the faint sound of violins played in the background.

“The assassin leisurely made her way to them with Von GROß’s two best captains. Once she was in range the heroes wasted no time. Together the dashing bard, yours truly, and sweet Henna set a trap cloaking the surrounding area in fog and illuminating their enemies. The only seemed to affect the undead though as the woman slew one of the creatures for their incompetence. She had smooth skin of a emerald hue with two swords at her side. The one she used against her own lackeys was like liquid silver.” As he spoke of her a hiss like a rattle snake passed through the room and some patrons could swear they saw shadows in the mist. “Daven set up a sanctuary as the rest of us prepared for action. Gíron went after the remaining undead captain decapitating it with one fell swoop. I did my beast to inspire my team mates strengthening Gyre’s resolve with heroism. with this surge he sprung forward disarming her”, the violins picked up as he spoke and four dancing lights appear on the stadge. Each one acting like a member of the story, Gíron’s defeat of the the soldier and Gyre’s struggle with Viper. Elvar turned away from the lights and looked directly at the audience with a smile. behind him the lights converged in to a single being in the shape of Viper. A few little kids pointed to it calling out behind you. “Viper was impressed by them no one had manged to disarm her before and she finally had to use the second sword at her waist, the soul eater…*” Behind him the the figure drew a sword of violet light poising to strike and ‘kill’ Elvar. “This sword was a weapon of pure evil that stole the soul of anyone pierced by its blade. Viper dashed as fast as she could aiming for Gyre’s heart but at the last second Lyth pushed him out of the way and taking the blow for him.” Behind the light clone fallowed suit striking just as he said when a half-dragon figure of blue light stepped in the way. Elvar turn to catch the blue light as if he were Gyre as a single blue orb from he joined the figure of vipers sword. “Enraged by Vipers attack against his friend he drew Lyth’s sword…,” at that moment ‘Lyth’ erupted into green light and he drew his khopesh and began to strangle the light Viper as small arches of electricity came from his hand, “all his armor tuned to jade as he lifted her up vanquishing her.” As he finished all the light and effects he had created vanished and the room went dark. After a brief moment the audience gave their applause and the small spotlight came back on. Elvar took a bow and the lighting of the lighting of the inn returned to how it normally would be. He spent the rest of the night having drinks with the guild and answering questions that came up.

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A performance of Elvar

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