A party of misfits

Have you ever been stuck in a rut?

I was. My day to day life was consistin’ of making sure the black markets were running smoothly for my employer, Mr. Hoffa.

Now don’t get me wrong, the human, Jimmy boy, is a damn sight better to me than the clan I grew up in! Nobody has treated me with more respect in the last couple years than he… and that includes the clan elders… Nevertheless, the rut was massing inside me like a barrel of vegetables without a single strip of meat or pitcher of ale to add the proper fortitude in the gut basket to digest it all!

I had to move on…

That’s when I met this misfit band of unlikely travelers and adventurers. They came in to Mr. Hoffa’s office asking about some “box” without much more than one-word descriptions… Ha! it was like pulling teeth just trying to help them to help us understand!

Needless to say, Jimmy boy asked me to take care of a “Boss problem” we were having on the other side of town – The misfits clearly needed me to help gain control of this “box”, and in a way, I clearly needed them.

Yes, I could sit here and brag about the HobGoblin I practically cut in half with me hand axes as I pounced on him from a 48’ jump to the ground saving my fellow adventurer, the girly hippie named Elvar, after she.. I mean he, fell from the ceiling rafters completely blowing our stealthy reconnaissance.

Sure, I could sit here and tell ya ‘bout the ten or twelve other goblins that high-tailed it once they saw their Hob Boss bleed out… but, what’s the point in telling you that? It’s done. What’s done is done!

As it turned out, before the East Side’s main boss, Baron BÄHR von GROß, bugged out through some magic portal to save his own hide, he took a solid shot from one our fellow adventurers, a rather large Lizard, then to my best count, the Baron unleashed 33 skeleton warriors and a dozen zombies from these coffins being stored in the warehouse… We made quick work of the mess and dispatched the rest of the corpses and coffins just to be sure no others would arise. These misfits have potential…

After a warm farewell back at Mr. Hoffa’s offices, he knew I had to take care of these blokes; the girly hippie, the lizard, the warforge… thing, and the cute little hobbit shapeshifter named Henna Fenna bo’Benna, I believe her name is, (she has a true gift… a “way” with the animals from what I can tell).

Yes, I’m not so sure, but in this misfit band of odd jobs, I may have found me clan.

ps. As we escorted a convoy to a distant city/state in search of the “mysterious box” that I don’t know what to hell is all about… We ran into a Goblin raiding party. The confrontation could have been disastrous for our mostly human employers – the bunch of no gratitudinal pricks – however, I decided to barter our safety from strength, not fear or weakness. I was able to negotiate (and intimidate) the Hobgoblin leader, Iri’Tu, before the confrontation escalated – casualties I was not prepared to give up.

So, in the end, Iri’Tu got shields for some of his men. We gained passage and a few gold pieces. I also believe that the HobGoblin leader respects this dwarf named Gíron. There may be a worthwhile ally here if we ever need the muscle.

DM Note: Giron receives 100 experience and 1 Inspiration card for this log as well as 1 potion of healing and a charm of heroism for signing up for obsidian portal!

A party of misfits

Eberron 5th edition Giron