From the journal of Elvar, entry 1

Journal entry #1: To stop a curse

The others and myself have decided to write journal entries when ever we get the chance. I find it will be an excellent way to reflect on how we can improve ourselves.

Yesterday we traveled to Thornhold to look in to recent ghost pirate attacks and the lighthouse’s lamp going out. While resting at the laughing goblin I got to woo some lovely ladies and brush up on some of my prestidigitation skills. We almost got into a jam with some dock workers but I managed to take our way out of it.

After that we spoke with a representative of the Keep and proceeded to investigate. We searched the castle fighting evil, finding treasure, and making an unlike ghost friend. I hadn’t realized how late its gotten i should finish up I found a cittern called Caliari she seems a bit stubborn but I’m sure we’ll get along soon enough.

DM Note: Elvar receives 50 experience and 1 inspiration card for this post. He also recieves 1 potion of greater healing and a charm of Invulnerability for signing up for obsidian portal!

From the journal of Elvar, entry 1

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