From the journal of Elvar Entry 2

Finally I’ve found a moment of peace to write. I greatly appreciated the company of out newest member even if I was reluctant of his presence first. I’ve never been one to hang around the silver flame they’ve always been a little to righteous for my tastes. Thankfully Davin is not quite as enthusiastic as the one I have met in the past. Though I have to thank Gíron for covering for me when I wished to make an escape upon our first meeting.

Being in the Mourn lands has been more taxing that I thought it would. More on my mind than my body but only slightly. Ever since we entered here I have had flashes of my memories unwillingly brought to the forefront of my mind. At night I hear their screams even after the silence spell is cast I still regret my inability to help in those time of crisis.

I don’t think I’ll be sleeping much tonight. On the bright side a few days back we found what we came to get. The box that was lost the night I joined up with Henna Fenna and the ‘forged, Gyre. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy to get. It was hidden within a building swarming with Dragonborn, Warforged and hobgoblins. Though force and cunning we got past some of the ’forged and the hobgoblins.

After trudging thought the building we found a circular room. At first it seemed like every other room we had come across but upon closer inspection the man we had been tracing lay in a corner. He seemed mentally unhinged when we found him though we didn’t have time to dwell on it as the roof was torn off by an unknown force. Warforged Gyre recognized and I had only heard of in tales descended into the room with his lackeys. When I looked back our exit was blocked by three Dragonborn and a half-dragon. The only escape we could see was going over the wall. So we hashed out a quick plan as we stood off against these formidable foes.

Gíron sprinted to the box fallowed closely behind by one of the war forged lackeys. Without a second thought a cast one of the meanest spells in my arsenal on him, heat metal, I swear I saw Gyre cringe. There was no time to dwell on the though though as the Dragonborns unshackled the half dragon with them sending her forth. She with drew her weapon and a great gust of wind knocked us and the ’forged around luckily putting some of the ’forged out of commission. As we scrambled back into formation we left Gyre to deal with Sabre and Henna, Gíron and myself against the three dragonborn. While we distracted them Davin threw his hammer over the wall and got the box to safety casting sanctuary around himself.

Together Henna and I cast our combo spell Cloud Crest effectively enhancing the arcs of lighting that burst forth as fingers flew across the neck of my violin. My body felt heavy as my strength was drained by the spell. Thankfully it was enough to help inspire Gíron as he brought his battle axe down on the dragonborn leader. When I looked back it seemed Gyre was victorious as well though Sabre was no where to be seen. Before we left we took the half dragon girl and climbed over the wall to rejoin Davin and return home.

From the journal of Elvar Entry 2

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