Meeting with Grandfather Clock

It has been some time, old friend…

…Don’t look at me like that, you know what I mean.

…I had meant to see you sooner but a situation had arisen. I had to go back.

…Yeah back there, to the closest place we can call a motherland.

…The land hasn’t recovered at all. Its exactly as we left it, dead and haunted.

…I was nearly lost in it, It’s as if time is at a Standstill, the past hasn’t moved an inch.

…Cease that immediately, you know I would never make a joke at your expense.

…I might have hurt someone , But It’s perhaps its my own fault for ignoring the past for so long. I’ve allowed myself to forget even him.

…We shall not go into detail, I cannot recall all of it anyhow, But traveling with others again has been slowly returning my memories.

…My new companions? They’ve treated me well. they’re a rather strange mix of old blood and young hope.


,A Half Elf who hasn’t quite figured out where his edge lies.

…Yes I’m sure it is a “he.” He has told me himself.

,A brave little gnome who has given me a new definition of the term “spirit”

…I sincerely apologize but the spirituality of not communicating is lost on me.

,A seasoned Dwarf with a powerful air, You would swear he was as great as a titan

…If he sounds familiar He says was there that time, I don’t believe we served together.

,and recently a human with a penchant for silver and flame. You would like him, he too enjoys “spirituality”

…That’s not how it works? I’m afraid I do not comprehend.

…You should know, Some of us are still out there and not all by choice it seems. They know nothing but servitude and survival of the fittest. Refusing the radicals but unable to comprehend freedom they flock to the closest “original.” Sickening I know, but we can only hope that we can eventually give them the clarity to choose for themselves.

Do you Remember Sabre? I don’t entirely but speaking to you now I remember your warnings. He was there as well when we were caught in a crossfire with a group of Dragonborn and their captive.

…No, he escaped but we accomplished our original goal, cleared our names and saved the captive. For what it matters it was a Success.

…Yes, I know I need not report success or failure to anyone. yet it is good to finally win again.

…I think I’ve taken enough of your time, you have rounds to make and I have mine.

…Perhaps you will have a chance to meet them. I’m sure you’ll find they have as much potential as I’ve seen in them.

DM Note: Gyre has receives 1 greater healing potion and one charm of Tempo for signing up for obsidian portal. In addition he receives 250 exp and 1 inspiration card for this log.

Meeting with Grandfather Clock

Eberron 5th edition JohnathanPatrickMurray