The Cursed Lighthouse Keep of Thornhold

It’s all in your perpective boyo…

Dear Journal,

The party shrank for a short time yesterday… It was just myself, Gíron the Giant Slayer, the girly hippie musician, Elvar, and the cute teeny hobbit, Henna Fenna bo’ Benna. We three decided to travel up the river on boat to Thornhold. The river isle is a nightmare to navigate – almost impossible without the proper papers and monies to pay off border guards and such seeing that there are four factions in control of it – but we did, and managed to find our way to where the Black Fist has the rights to the island’s lighthouse/keep.

En route, our small boat was almost over taken by at least a dozen gill-faced fish people/raiders. They jumped in our boat but the little hobbit turned into a Grizzly bear and we killed or turned the lot out quickly! The family of river folk were so happy they made us a feast of a lunch and set us off in good style… Ah yes, a good day.

Bar Fight and a Bard’s Skills…

We made our way to the Laughing Goblin – a place that by the looks of it, is all too familiar with drunks and bar fights. I felt a wee bit sorry for the lame, fat man serving us as he was nice enough for a human and forthcoming on information. Other patrons were, shall we say, bullying the fatty even though he could hardly get around without losing his breath… So, chubby told us that the lighthouse/keep had stopped emitting its ship beacon and that there were a number of guardsmen, including Grim (the Black Fist captain), apparently missing.

I thought it curious and possibly quite lucrative if we exploited the situation in just the right way… As we made our way around the bar, the hippie and I found ourselves chatting with a couple good looking lesbian mercenaries that seemed interested in the girly musician, Elvar. What a boon! I was impressed as the pretty boy played the warriors like a fiddle, and had them eating out of her… er, I mean, his hands!

Just then, I counted 20 dock workers burst in through the doors and demand some nonsense from the ladies and that, I would have none of! I squared off with the nearest hooligan and told him there’d be no fight in the pathetic fat guy’s establishment. And to “take it outside!”, I said.

Just then, my companions smooth talked the gang into allowing us to fix the lighthouse and get to the bottom of it. They agreed and off we went (after a few short meets with an uptight human female and a wonderful old Dwarf named Hearst). We got our permits and were then ferried to the Lysander Keep.

Darkness Abounds…

I can tell you this journal reader, we spent hours looking, and searching, and investigating the grounds and all the out buildings throughout – including the mansion and the Eastern Keep itself. It was obvious that fowl play and evil made a home deep within the keep. We soon discovered secret passages and then battled 5 Coral and Nautilus Shell Armored ghosties… then, in our fight to find the truth, we stumbled on what I would call a typical human crime scene; lust for power and greed (roll the R). Bodies everywhere…

In the end, I was proud of the girls, er I mean, the hippie and the wee girl, for bringing Grim and his cronies to justice. Our rewards were quite great too! The hippie got magical mythrel rainbow armor… and we got loot and an abundance of friends in Thornhold like; the fatty bar owner, and Hearst, and the lesbian mercs, even the hooligans appreciate us now, the river folk family… About the only ones who most-likely don’t appreciate us coming to town are those cretins mentioned previously – and of course, the Giant Ghoul that I ripped in half with me Battle Axe!

Good day indeed journal reader… good day indeed…

DM Note: For this log Giron received 100 experience and 1 inspiration card

The Cursed Lighthouse Keep of Thornhold

Eberron 5th edition Giron