The Journal of a Wee Hobbit, A Venture into the Mournland

We gained a new member. He had quite the first few days. We met him at market and he accused us of killing his brother. After getting a full story out of him we realized he was speaking of the dead paladin we found. Gyre talked him down though explaining what happened and how we found a scrap of leather with the emerald claw on it. He thankfully believed us and let us continue speaking. We told him of how we wish to find a man with a box and how this will prove our innocence. He introduced himself then as Davin and he would like to help and join our party.
“It is my job to bring justice. And by helping you all I believe I can do that.”Daven boasted.

We spent that night in town preparing for our long and strenuous journey into the mourn land. That morning we set out. Gyre, Elvar, and I set off in one boat, Gìron and Davin in another. Time passed slowly but all was well. Until the last few hours. I was forced into a vision of my brother Fargim. He stood stooped over his daughter Trilys and son Trarug. A sudden blinding white light flashed across the mountain. Once the light faded my brother remained only now as stone and his children nowhere to be seen. I was then snapped back into reality to hear screaming and weeping. It seems my companions have experienced similar fates. Gyre begins swinging an imaginary sword about as if he was fighting countless enemies. Elvar was weeping obviously in much distress. I pulled him down out of Gyre’s range and pat his back trying to calm him. An hour latter they finally return to normal and we headed to shore. When we arrived Davin and Gìron were waiting for us. The others to tired to continue we set camp for the night.
“Mister what are you doing, if I may ask?” I question stumbling up to Davin.
“I’m creating a sanctuary. It will protect us from every thing out side this ring.” He replies dryly.
“Well, that’s rather impressive.” I say trying to lighten the air around us.
“Thank you.”

We spent many hours traveling with no disturbances until we stumbled upon three undead we scared them off and investigated the surrounding. Gìron kicked the table they were sitting at abruptly and walked off instructing us to follow. I assume nothing good was to be found there. I look up to ask Gìron what he had seen but a large structure in the distance crossed my eye. I tugged his sleeve
“Gìron look. What do you think it is?”
He followed my gesture and quickly became excited.
Turning to our party he shouted,“The wee hobbit found something.” He gestured for them to hurry and run.

We approached the structure with care but apparently not enough. For once we got close hundreds of hand struck up from the earth. To the others these creatures we not much to fear. “Wee ankle bitters” Gìron would say. To me however these creatures could reach my waist and as they moved as a mob my attacks were not helping. We realized we could not win this fight and began to retreat. To our amazement the hands turned into merely hands laying slack on the ground. Now that they were no longer a threat we entered the building.

What we found was interesting to say the least. A small group of Hobgoblins stood alone if a hall sorting bags of money. The gang was excited and Gìron got ready to fight, but there was no need to because Davin knew which god these hobgoblins worshiped. Davin and Elvar worked together to put on a mighty show. Flames erupted from the ground massive shadows danced against the walls and Davin’s voice boomed throughout the hall. The hobgoblins ran scared only stopping when they came upon us to check if any of us were human. Davin had not returned from his ruse yet so they had no clue.
“Now be gone and leave our treasure as tribute to the gods!!” Davin’s voice boomed.

After collection our money we continued on into a circular room. Now this is where things get crazy. We “crashed” into the room to find a man wit a box not just any box THE box. Sadly it couldn’t be that easy for us for in our way was Four very intimidating warforged.This was the least of our worries when the ceiling was brutally ripped from the room. A sound from the entrance alerted us of a presence. We turned to see, three dragonborn and a female half-dragon in chains, standing in the entrance. The dragonborns released the Half-dragon who pulled her sword and with a furious swipe sent us all flying. On the plus side this sent some of the warforged out of order. We split up Gyre taking on Sybre, Davin taking the box over the wall, and Gìron, Elvar, and myself took on the dragonborns. Because we are sooo intimidating we were able to force the dragonborns into surrendering and into releasing the half-dragon female. With another companion and the box in hand we ascended over the wall and into safety.

The Journal of a Wee Hobbit, A Venture into the Mournland

Eberron 5th edition HennaFenna